According to Ephesians 1, God has chosen us and predestined us before the foundation of the world.  And this destiny is our potential lying dormant in each one of us. And how do we unlock this potential inside of us? 

There is an age old saying that ‘Leaders are not born but made.’ But leaders are both born and made. They are like a seed. The seed has the potential to be a tree or even become a forest. But the seed must subject itself to a process to become a tree.

I believe discipleship is that process that helps a Christian to unlock his or her leadership potential. Different people play a major role in shaping an individual. Some add value while others expose bad attitude. Some impart skills while others help remove hindrances in a person’s life. Some of it is pleasant but most often it is painful. I am also indebted to a large number of people who played a significant role in my life from my early days.