Are You a Disciple?

The final words that Jesus left to his followers and incidentally, the only commandment he repeated after the resurrection and before he returned to the Father was, “ ... go and make disciples ... ” (Matthew 28:19)

If you are asked, ‘how would you describe yourself in terms of your faith?’, I wonder, how would you answer? Most Christians would answer, “I’m a Christian.” Yet that description is found in the New Testament only three times. A few might describe themselves as “believers”. This word is also used quite seldom in the New Testament. When found in the New Testament, “believers” is not used as a noun; it is predominately used as an action of believing. The word the New Testament consistently uses is ‘disciple’ – found an amazing two hundred and eighty-two times. Something seems to have slipped in our thinking.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself, ‘What about me? What have I settled for, in reality, not in theory? Have I really grasped the significance of being called a disciple? And is that reflected in how I work it out? Who am I? Am I only a convert, a believer, or am I a disciple of Jesus?’