Wasted for Jesus?

Christian life is an adventurous journey. We walk by Faith and not by Sight. The call of our Master is unique and unrelenting.

Many of us have to give up our time, relationships, positions, wealth for the sake of following Christ.

People around us think we are wasting our time, our life, on this Jesus.

Mark chapter 14 talks about a woman who seems to have wasted something so precious on Jesus. People ridiculed her, spoke to her harshly and gave her seemingly good advice. They seemed to think for her good. But only she knew what she had done and what He had done for her.

[Jesus] said she would be remembered wherever the gospel is preached.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Do you want to be remembered for your wealth or for the many friends you have or as a philanthropist or do you want to be remembered as one who gave it all for Christ?