The Power of Unanswered Prayer

…some people along life's journey, have stopped praying, stopped believing in the power of prayer because they feel their prayers are not answered. And for those who continue to pray many a times we wonder if we are praying correctly, we ask "Is there something missing in my prayer?

God takes every word that comes from our mouth so seriously. So, allow God to work through your prayers. Because He sees the bigger picture every time say Lord let not my will be done but yours be done. Show Him that you love Him and you trust Him.

Never let an unanswered prayer stop you from going to God and walking in His presence. Satan might tell you that God does not love you, even though you have done everything right God is not on your side. Tell the devil that God knows the best. God’s plans are higher than our plans, and His ways are much higher than our ways. (Isaiah 55:8)