Mom, This New Year, We Just Want To Say Thank You!

by Susan Narjala

To the moms in our lives,

We want to wish you a very Happy New Year!

We also want to take a minute to recognise all that you do, and say a heartfelt, “Thank you!”

This may come as somewhat of a surprise to you. After all, appreciation for moms usually happens twice a year at a maximum, right? There’s Mothers’ Day and, if you’re lucky, maybe your birthday.

Appreciating you during the start of a new year is not a done thing. You must be wondering what this is about. In typical mom style, you’re asking, “What’s the catch?!”

But, there isn’t any! Honest. We actually think it’s just a good habit to say thank you to moms every now and then. (We have a feeling you’re nodding in agreement.)

Moms out there, (foster mom, adoptive moms, biological and spiritual moms), thank you for nurturing your children and for birthing in them their dreams.

Thank you for being their one-person fan club even when they sing off key and dance with two left feet. You make them feel like their rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (which sets everyone else’s teeth on edge) is a Broadway-worthy performance. Only moms can do that!

When you see true talent, you make sure it’s followed up with practice. A lot of practice. Thank you for being the one who ferries your children around to lessons when they want to quit. Thank you for being the “unpopular” one who nags them to practice the piano and eat their veggies and wash their hands and chew with their mouths closed and wear a jacket when they go out to play and … you know the drill.

Thank you for affirming your kids for their hard work. Thank you for showing them what it means to keep on keeping on - even when no one posts on social media that you made dinner for the 345th time this year.

Thank you for being the ‘mamma bear’ who is fiercely protective of her kids. But, thank you also for letting them learn from their mistakes. For knowing when to step in and when to take a backseat, even when it’s hard to watch your kids fail.

Thank for the early mornings when you want to sleep in, but know there are wake up calls for your crew, lunches to pack and hair to braid before school. Thank you for all the late nights when you stay up with a coughing child, soothing feverish foreheads with washcloths and unconditional love.

Thank you for your example of faith and godliness. Thank you for teaching your children about Jesus. Thank you for teaching your children to invite Him into their lives.

There’s so much more to acknowledge but, like we said, we want to make this thank-you thing a habit. So, we’ll be back with more.

Meanwhile, we hope your new year is filled with effusive joy, overflowing love and a few moments where you get to stop, breathe and soak in His grace.

With love from,

The Rest of Us Who Usually Don’t Usually Notice