God’s Book

Read: 2 Timothy 3:13–17

The Bible is much more than a book, or a compilation of books; it is even more than words on a page. It is what God uses to speak to His people. What is your favorite Bible story?

The Bible is comprised of sixty-six different books; this is actually one of the most miraculous features of the Bible, as these books were written by approximately forty different writers over a period of 1,500 years. These writers were not only from different eras in history, but they were also from

different places, spoke different languages, and were from different walks of life: kings, physicians, fishermen, tax collectors, priests, royal servants, slaves, military officers, scribes, etc. Some were rich and some were poor, some were in difficult circumstances while others were prosperous and secure. The Bible addresses topics like: God, love, marriage, family, faith, wisdom, money, religion, politics, education, war, crime, law, good versus evil, and much more . . . yet every book is in mutual agreement on every topic. There’s only one way that could have happened—God planned each book from the beginning and managed the Bible project Himself, choosing each writer and helping them know what to write. And that’s exactly what happened.

God not only gave us His miraculous book so that we would know Him better and know His will—He also wants to help us love it and understand it. Ask God to help make you a family who loves His Word. Ask Him to help each family member understand, learn, and grow as you read it.

This is an excerpt from the the book, Experiencing God at Home Day by Day.