8 Things Younger Women Need from Older Women in the Church

by Kristen McCall

Blog Post by Jennifer McCaman

Jennifer McCaman is the wife of a red-headed pastor, David, and mom to six-year-old Josiah, two-year-old Abby, and baby Emory joining the family in August. When she’s not playing play-doh or losing at Uno, she loves to write and teach the Bible to the women at her church.

There is an older woman at my church who is gold to me. Mrs. Ouida is a spiritual mother to many, a pillar of our congregation, and a picture of what walking with Christ for many years looks like. We have a relatively young church plant, so her presence every week is vital to our members. She and her husband feel called to serve in a younger church, and I praise God for their sacrifice and obedience. So often older women underestimate the power of their presence in the church. The world dismisses the Old as irrelevant, but it is exactly the opposite for Christians. We need older women, like Mrs. Ouida, to step out of their comfort zones and into the lives of younger women. Your walk with God is a powerful encouragement. You aren’t just loved and valued in the body of Christ, you are desperately needed.

We need older women to step out of their comfort zones and into the lives of younger women.CLICK TO TWEET

8 Things Younger Women Need From You

1. Your presence:

Your presence at church, bible study, service projects, and celebrations speaks volumes before you even open your mouth. It says you support the pastor and the church. It says you care about the other generations. It matters that you attend.

2. Your worship:

We need to see you worship Jesus. There is little more beautiful than an elderly woman engaged in worship. That may look different depending on the style of your church, but we need to see you fully engaged in worship.

3. Your stories:

Tell us how God provided when you tithed in the hard times. Tell us how God sustained you when you hit a hard patch in your marriage. Tell us how to persevere when a child rebels against God. Tell us how God has worked in your life. We need your stories.

4. Your hugs:

We need the physical touch of an older woman in the church. Many younger women live far from family or have a broken relationship with their own mothers. We need spiritual mothers who physically put their arms around us and tell us we are loved by God.

5. Your encouragement:

Your words carry weight just because of your age. An encouraging word from an older woman goes deep into our hearts. Speak encouragement to your pastor’s wife, your Sunday School teacher, the young mom struggling by herself in the parking lot.

6. Your wisdom:

You have wisdom and we need to hear it. Don’t wait to be asked. Share in bible study, small group, in the halls of your church. How do we follow Christ in a broken world? How does the Bible apply to our lives? We need your wisdom.

7. Your testimony:

We need to hear how Jesus raised you from death to life. We need to hear stories of how he redeemed you and how he has been faithful to you. We need to hear of the fresh work he is doing in your life now.

8. Your smile:

A positive, joyful older woman is medicine to my heart. Oh how younger women need to see the joy of Christ, cultivated over the years, splashed on an older woman’s face. Your smile among the body of believers is a powerful weapon for the Lord. Show it off.

We need spiritual mothers who physically put their arms around us and tell us we are loved by God.CLICK TO TWEET