Missing God's Plan

The life of Jacob offers us vivid portraits of the many and diverse ways in which grace transforms us.

 [Jacob] had stolen Esau’s inheritance and blessing by tricking their father Isaac on his deathbed.

 [Rebekah (Jacob’s mother)] and Jacob scheme together. They get Jacob to dress up like Esau and to pretend that he was the elder son and they trick Isaac into blessing Jacob instead of Esau.

Not only had he wronged his elder brother but he had also wronged God. At this moment of time in his life, Jacob needed to repent. He needed forgiveness and grace.

 Don’t we do that too? We pray for our success and our careers while remaining unrepentant of our sinfulness.

 The holiness of God demands the punishment of every sin -- big or small, and sins of commission or omission.

 But God is also merciful and loving and compassionate. His heart cries for the rescue and redemption of sinners.

 No religious construct in all of human civilization offers forgiveness the way God offers forgiveness in Jesus.